Need help homeschooling?

Now available: individualized consultations with personalized homeschooling plans. In other words, a detailed schedule and program designed for you and your family. Parent and child will meet with a homeschooling consultant via Skype or another online meeting platform. As the parent, you will receive a program specifically designed for you, catered to your time, experience, availability, materials, etc. Each program will include a two month schedule with daily check lists for your child and weekly and monthly overviews for your own reference. It would utilize curriculum you already know and love, books you have around, or new material available online.

Each program depends entirely on the child, siblings, and parents. If you are excited to homeschool and want to teach lessons and learn alongside your child, then the program will include new lessons using materials you already have at home, challenges and projects to complete together, and structured morning time. If you are more excited to hangout with your kids, but don’t necessarily know if you want to teach, the program will include games, projects, and challenges that utilize documentaries and the child’s existing interests. If you are busy and just can’t imagine homeschooling right now but have to figure something out, that’s ok too! The program can be more child led and only require supervision. This might include reading, games, creative projects, teaching lessons to each other (in the case of siblings), etc. It depends entirely on each individual case. 

All of the programs will reflect a Christian, classical approach. In other words, they will present the good, true, and beautiful in order to foster the child’s ability to perceive and receive wisdom and virtue and subsequently share that with others. Many of the programs will be less subject specific and more interdisciplinary and integrative, encouraging the autonomy of the child and allowing space for play and creativity. 

The homeschooling consultation costs $75 per hour (consultations are usually one hour in length). If the consultation requires additional research and reporting, there is a an additional $50 fee. Costs will be invoiced after the consultation through the CiRCE store. You will need to create an account on the CiRCE site.

To request and schedule a consultation, please create an account on the CiRCE store and follow the link to complete the consultation request form.

About the consultant:

Katerina Kern has taught for the last ten years in many differing Classical contexts, ranging from homeschool settings to private schools abroad. She has taught grades K-12, but for the last many years has focused on grades 6-12. She earned a B.A. from UNC-Charlotte where she studied Fine Art and Classics and an M.A from Oxford University where she studied Literature and the Arts. For the last five years she has lived in Uganda, where she became a mother and learned many survival skills hitherto imagined useless, the most important of which being the ability to wrangle together something good out of minimal resources. She hopes this will come in handy now!