CiRCE Online Teacher

Katie Carrillo is a CiRCE Online Teacher. She lives in Austin, TX with her husband and three daughters. Many moons ago after her graduation from The University of Texas, she wandered the university bookstore, tears rolling down her cheeks, because her learning journey was over. In a delightful plot twist, her real learning adventure began a few years later while reading picture books and pouring over the illustrations for hidden treasures with her children. As her children grew they continued reading together, seeking nuggets of knowledge and treasures of truth in the words of great authors. Ultimately, they decided to homeschool. Seeking a teacher for herself and desiring to learn to teach well, Katie joined the CiRCE Gulf Coast Apprenticeship and graduated in 2021. This graduation was not tear free, but this time she was confident that this was not the end but merely a new beginning.