Jennifer Dow, the owner of The Paideia Fellowship, is a classical teacher, writer, and speaker. Jennifer has completed the CiRCE Apprenticeship program as a CiRCE certified Classical Teacher and has taught humanities, logic, rhetoric, and the fine arts since 2009 throughout the local and online homeschool community, including The CiRCE Academy and St Raphael School. 

In addition, Jennifer researches, writes, and speaks about classical teaching, serves as the director of the Paideia Fellowship Homeschool Community, works with Classical Academic Press on the Schole Groups team, and is the co-host of The Classical Homeschool Podcast. Jennifer’s published works can be seen on the Paideia Fellowship blog, at the CiRCE Institute blog, Schole Groups Blog, and Afterthoughts. She has been featured on Your Morning Basket Podcast with Pam Barnhill and has spoken to moms and educators around the country on how to teach classically and create thriving classical communities.