Lost Tools of Writing Online Instructional Videos Subscription

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In conjunction with the launch of the 5th edition (which you can learn more about here) of The Lost Tools of Writing we are launching a new way of accessing our instructional videos.

Instead of the more traditional DVDs we will be making all of our videos available via online streaming. You will be able to access these new instructional videos anywhere you want, on any device, in HD quality. 

Here's how it works: 

Step 1) When you purchase the complete set of the new edition (or access to just the streaming subscription) we will email you a password giving you lifetime access to the videos. This is not a yearly subscription, which requires annual payments. 

Step 2) Then, when you head over to our media page, you will enter the password to unlock the videos. 

Step 3) Watch to your heart's content - and enjoy!

The first few lessons will be available January 15th. 

  • Price: $45.00