Restoring The Likeness - Fall Virtual Conference

Thursday, October 15, 2020 - 11:00am to Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 5:30pm

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As far back as the ancient Greeks, imitation has been a core building block of classical education--the thing upon which curricula, modes of pedagogy, and outcomes are created and by which they are assessed. The Christians, following in the footsteps of Christ himself, took that a step further, adding a spiritual dimension to it. And so the ancient philosophers, the early Church fathers, the medieval pedagogs, and even some of the more counter-cultural thinkers of the last two hundred years, all have contemplated the importance of paying attention to the right things (the True, the Good, and the Beautiful); they have asserted that we become what we behold, and have argued that mimesis is a fundamental tool for helping children become more human. This fall we follow in their collective footsteps and continue that contemplation.

Join us for an ongoing conversation about some of the core tenets of education that is both purposefully classical and deeply Christian -- even in a strange, unusual, and distracted time. After all, those ancient philosophers and church fathers lived through strange times, too.

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Conference Schedule: 

Thursday October, 15th:

11am EST - Plenary

  • Andrew Kern - On Earth as it is in Heaven 

2pm EST - Breakouts

  • Dr. Brian Philips - Slaying Dragons: On St. George & Raising Children
  • Heidi White - How Where We Live Makes Us Who We Are
  • Wes Callahan - Mirror of Desire: Character Formation through Reading Great Lives

4pm EST - Breakouts

  • Adam Andrews - 
  • Dr. Joseph Wysocki - Democratic Mimesis: Alexis de Tocqueville on Who, What, and How Americans Imitate
  • Matthew Bianco - Becoming Future Kings: How T.H. White and Homer Teach us to Grow

8pm EST: Classical Consortium Panel 

Friday October, 16th:

11am EST - Plenary

  •  Dr. Zena Hitz  - Images of Learning. 

2pm EST - Breakouts

  • Dr. Angel Parham - On the Idea of Civic Friendship: Texts to Contemplate During Difficult Times
  • James Matthew Wilson - The Ethics of Emulation: Aristotle and Herodotus on Human Happiness
  • Andrea Lipinski - The Role of Three Columns 

4pm EST - Breakouts

  • Jessica Hooten Wilson - Modeling the Holiness of Fictional Saints
  • Dr. Carol Reynolds  - The Creation of Art from Chaos to Form
  • Christine Perrin  - Root and Branch: Tolkien the Poet  

8pm EST: Classical Consortium Panel 

Saturday October, 17th:

11am EST - Breakouts

  • Joshua Gibbs - The Classical Christian War on Competence
  • Dr. Anika Prather - The Great Books: A Polaris for the African American People
  • John Hodges - Drawing the Line:  A consideration of Chesterton’s remark, “Art is like morals:  you have to draw the line somewhere.”

2pm EST - Breakouts

  • Josh Leland - 10,000 times, and then begins understanding
  • Martin Cothran - Narrative Wars: The Battle to Determine What Story We're In
  • Katerina Kern - Analogy, symbol, and humanity in the Chartres Cathedral and Tolkien's legendarium.

4pm EST - Plenary  

  • 4pm EST: Dr. Hans Boersma - Learning by Heart? Restoring the Likeness through Memory

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