Lost Tools of Writing Summer Course - LEVEL III

Tuesday, June 29, 2021 - 4:00pm

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This summer course will offer an introduction to The Lost Tools of Writing Level III led by CiRCE-Certified Master Teacher April Langan. Building on the persuasive essay learned in LTW Level I and the judicial address learned in Level II, you will explore the deliberative address. Over six sessions, this class for adults will model the teaching process, solidify the foundation laid by previous levels, develop advanced writing skills, master additional forms of persuasive address, and practice tools you’ll use for the arts of verse and storytelling.

In this shortened course, the big picture of LTW III will be covered along with difficulties students and teachers sometimes experience. Working through sample lessons, the two hour webinar-style class will provide growth and understanding, as well as the opportunity for questions and discussion. You will be introduced to the deliberative address’ Special Topics used to generate ideas and add three new tools to your toolbox: the modes of persuasion, the four causes, and analogical reasoning. With the deliberative outline, you will adapt the elements (amplification, narratio, proof, etc.) to the needs of the deliberative address. Finally, your argument deserves and needs to be expressed appropriately, which means clearly, coherently, cohesively, and effectively.

Join us for this exciting opportunity to further your understanding of the deliberative address in preparation for all of your future decision-making.


Attendees should have a working knowledge of the three canons of rhetoric practiced in LTW I and II: invention, arrangement, and elocution. Familiarity with the 5 Common Topics and the tools of arrangement presented in level one is also recommended.

Required Reading

In preparation for the course, reading The Lost Tool of Writing Level III introduction and appendices is required. Teaching and reading individual lessons during the class weeks is also helpful.

Class Times

• Tues, June 29, 4-6 pm EDT
• Tues, July 6, 4-6 pm EDT
• Tues, July 13, 4-6 pm EDT 
• (No Class June 20)
• Tues, July 27, 4-6 pm EDT
• Tues, Aug 3, 4-6 pm EDT
• Tues Aug 10, 4-6 pm EDT


April Langan, lead teacher