Lost Tools of Writing Level I with The Iliad  (ON-SITE CLASS)

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 - 1:00pm

$75 registration fee
$647  tuition 

Begins August 25. Wednesdays, 1pm

Classical Rhetoric: Lost Tools of Writing Level I - The Iliad 

Teacher: Alex Kern

In The Lost Tools of Writing Level I, students learn the three tools that help them with the problems that all writers face: what to write about, how to organize their thoughts, and how to express their ideas. Those tools are the canons of Invention, Arrangement, and Elocution. 

In this course, students will discuss The Iliad and mythology while learning how to write the persuasive essay using LTW 1. Each class meeting will include a discussion of the literature and a lesson in composition. We will contemplate symbolism and character in the stories while using the skills learned in LTW to assess decision making. 

Prerequisites: None

Required Texts: The Lost Tools of Writing Level One - Student Workbook, Peter Green’s translation of The Iliad, Myths will be provided.

Suggested Age: 12 and up

Meeting time: 90 minutes per week. Wednesdays, 1pm

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