The Legend of The Holy Grail (Webinar)

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

When: April 23rd, 4:00-5:30pm EST

Where: Online

Cost: Only $10!

Everyone has heard of the Holy Grail, but few know the legend's complex and mysterious history. In this webinar, Heidi White will trace the origins and development of the Round Table's most famous quest. The Holy Grail began humbly as a serving platter in a minor tale, but it soon captured the medieval imagination, transforming in later stories into the chalice of the blood of Christ and a source of eternal life itself. We will examine the Grail legend's three most prominent knights: Lancelot, Percival, and Galahad, exploring how and why each either succeeded or failed in the sacred quest.

Heidi will offer insight into the literary and cultural context of the Grail legend, augmenting the wonder and the delight of one of Western cultures most enduring stories. Along the way,

Heidi will share her favorite medieval tale. If you have ever contemplated the mystery and drama of the beloved quest for the Holy Grail, this webinar will take you into its depths. 

• The seminar will be recorded; however, you must sign up before April 23rd to have access to it. Registration will be cut off at 2:00pm (EST) on April 23rd.

• Please note that login information for the seminar will be sent an hour before the seminar.

  • Price: $10.00