Ladies of Arthurian Legend (Webinar)

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

4pm EST

The women of Camelot have often been overshadowed by the men. While knights and kings joust in tournaments, battle dragons, complete heroic quests, and woo fair maidens, where are the women? Although it is true that the prevailing spirit of Arthurian legend is overtly masculine, the women play a fundamental role. In Ladies of Arthurian Legend, Heidi White will explore the complex medieval understanding of femininity through the portrayal of four Arthurian women: Guinevere, Elaine, Isolde, and Morgan le Fey. 

In this seminar, Heidi will cover:

• Common conceptions and misconceptions of women in King Arthur tales
• Important medieval literary conventions that shaped the portrayal of women
• The influence of the church on the women of Arthurian legend
• The legacy of Arthurian ladies in the Great Tradition, from the Victorians to the Postmoderns
• This webinar will enhance your understanding of the medieval mind, the tales of King Arthur, and the rich legacy of female characters in the Western tradition.

Familiarity with the storylines is recommended, but not required. 

• The seminar will be recorded; however, you must sign up before February 19th to have access to it. Registration will be cut off at 2:00pm (EST) on February 19th.

• Please note that login information for the seminar will be sent an hour before the seminar (February 19th).

  • Price: $10.00