FREE! "Natural History and Love" Webinar

Thursday, April 2, 2020 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Join Matt Clark, a teacher of natural history and science at The Geneva School, a classical school in Florida, as he teaches us how we can teach natural history (science or nature studies) to our children from home. Matt wants us to help our children learn about their place and introduce valuable disciplines and practices to foster a sense of "love for that place" in our children, our students, and ourselves.

Matt Clark will show us slides and live content of how we can easily find things in our yards, our neighborhoods, and our parks to help us learn about the wonderful things of creation (bugs and birds, trees and toads) that live in the very communities in which we live. He'll talk about what to do with those discoveries: observing, drawing, and more. He will also introduce us to a variety of resources, free or at very minimal cost, that will help us to implement these studies and practices, and even help us to find and identify these amazing creatures. And if you want to spend some money, he'll share some book recommendations (maybe everyone's itching for an Amazon delivery right about now!)

Join us on Thursday, from 4-5:30pm ET. There will be plenty of presentation on how to do these things, but there will also be time for questions—so bring your questions! This webinar is appropriate for students of ALL ages.