Back to the Basics - Manassas, VA

Tuesday, January 30, 2018 - 8:30am to 1:30pm


Back to the Basics of a Christian Classical Education

WHO: Andrew & Karen Kern
WHEN: January 30, Tuesday, 8:30* - 1:30 p.m.
WHERE: Manassas Baptist - Sanctuary Building, Metz Room (Lower level) 8800 Sudley Road, Manassas, VA 20111

The end of January marks the transition to the doldrums of February, when we all become convinced that the work isn't worth it and even the weather isn't cheerful.

It's almost February. A time when we feel most overhwelmed, most ready to throw in the towel, and most anxious to go to sleep for three or four weeks.

This is not the time to go to pinterest and remind yourself of what the Academic Joneses have posted about their accomplishments or to visit blogs that tell you all the great things others are doing. 

It is time for a refreshing.

It is time for patience.

It is time to set aside anxiety and fear and rest in the reminders of who Christ is and what he has achieved, and how it enriches our education - even in February.

This call, Back to the Basics of Christian Classical Education, is a call to peace of mind, resting in the clarity of purpose, identifying practical steps, and focusing on the value of a Christ-centered education. 

It's time to get back to the First Things that last forever. Let's get back to basics together. 

* Please note: registration will open at 8:30. Sessions will begin at 9. 

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