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2018 Louisville Regional Conference Complete Audio Collection (Disc)

Multiple Authors


Event Topic
The Fruitful Garden

When and Where
May 18-19, 2018

Andrew Kern, Carol and Hank Reynolds, Adam Andrews, Martin Cothran, Matt Bianco, Christopher Perrin, Brian Phillips


Christopher Perrin - The Seven Liberal Arts: Liberty and Justice For All 

Adam Andrews - Through a Glass Darkly: Finding Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in the Great Books 

Martin Cothran - The Three Essential Classical Words That We Think We Know, But Really Don't

Carol Reynolds - How Arts Shape and Define National Culture

Andrew Kern - The Foundation and Future of Education 


Matt Bianco - Learning to See: The Liberal Arts and Truth Perception

Hank Reynolds - Adding Music Theory to Your Curriculum Deinintions, Goals, and Methods

Brian Phillips - The Trinity and the Trivium: Dorthy Sayers and Beyond

Martin Cothran - The Judgement of Thamus: Educational Technology and the Outsourcing of Knowledge

Christopher Perrin - Teaching Like Socrates . . . and Jesus: How the Teaching Methods of Socrates and Jesus Can Inspire and Instruct

Carol Reynolds - Re-awakening a Singing Culture

Adam Andrews - Three Steps to Bad Reading: A Beginner's Guide

Hank Reynolds - Copyright Facts and Myths: On The Creation and Use of Educational Resources

Brian Phillips - Embracing the Struggle: Encouragement for Weary Educators 

Plus two Q&A Panel Discussions!