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2017 Louisville Regional Conference Complete Audio Collection (Disc)

Multiple Authors

Event Topic
Truth or Nothing

When and Where
January 20-21; Louisville, KY

Andrew Kern, Carol and Hank Reynolds, Martin Cothran, Andrew Pudewa, Christopher Perrin, Brian Phillips, Matt Bianco 


Andrew Kern - Truth or Nothing: Why the First is Better, Why the Second is Tempting, & How We Mix Them Up

Martin Cothran - Why Classical Education is an Inoculation Against Nihilism

Christopher Perrin - The Monastery School: How Classical Education Was Preserved & Extended For Almost 1,000 Years 

Carol Reynolds - A Classical Approach to Artistic Literacy: The Why, The What, & The So What

Andrew Pudewa - Culture: The Incarnation of the Transcendentals


Matt Bianco - Restoring Chests: Healing the Soul for the Sake of Truth
Brian Phillips -Listening for Echoes: On Right and Wrong Reading Habits
Hank Reynolds - How to Create a Great Music Program

Plus two Q&A Panel Discussions!