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2017 Kindred Conference Audio Collection (Disc)

Multiple Authors

Event Topic
Kindred Conference: On Mere Motherhood, Great Books, and Busy Homes

When and Where
March 25; Concord, NC

Cindy Rollins, Angelina Stanford


Cindy Rollins - Mothers are People Too: Pursuing Healthy Bounderies and Personal Growth in the Midst of Family Relationships 

Angelina Stanford - Happily Ever After: Finding the Gospel in the World's Greatest Stories

Cindy Rollins - The Hidden Habit and Art of Homeschooling: Finding Meaning, Purpose, and Beauty in the Litany of Home-Life 

Angelina Stanford - Even the Rocks Cry Out: Why Christians Should Read the Myths and Pagan Literature 


Cindy Rollins - All Virtue is a Form of Acting: Or, Habits in the Home (Delivered at our 2014 Regional Conference in Rockford, IL)

Angelina Stanford -  The Humble Reader: Approaching Literature with Meekness (Delivered at our 2016 Regional Conference in Austin, TX)