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2016 Austin, TX Regional Conference Complete Audio Collection (Disc)

Multiple Authors

Event Topic
Nourishing the Soul: The Life, the Task, the Calling

When and Where
January 15-16, 2016; Austin, Texas

David Hicks, Andrew Pudewa, Andrew Kern, Brian Phillips, Angelina Stanford, Carol Reynolds, Renee Mathis

Andrew Kern - As a Stranger Give It Welcome:  How Undreamt of Things Make Teaching Matter
Brian Phillips - Deep Echoes: Traces of the Trinity in Life, Teaching, & Community
Andrew Pudewa - By Heart: The Goodness of Memory
David Hicks- Quo Vadis? An Amplification

Andrew Pudewa - Pedagogical Lessons from Cinema
Andrew Kern - How Homer's Exploration of Xenia Guides Towards Wisdom
Angelina Stanford -  The Humble Reader: Approaching Literature with Meekness
Renee Mathis - Much Depends upon Dinner: Food, Fellowship, and Fiction
Angelina Stanford -  From the Odyssey to the Avengers: How to Understand Any Story
Carol Reynolds - Cultivating an Understanding of Music in Every Child

Plus, a bonus panel discussion

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