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2014 Midwest Regional Conference Complete Audio Collection

Multiple Authors

Event Topic
Wisdom and Virtue: The Foundations of Classical Teaching

When and Where
October, 2014; Rockford, Illinois

David Hicks, Andrew Kern, Cindy Rollins, Debbie Harris

Andrew Kern: What Are Wisdom and Virtue? A Reflection on Why We're Doing What We're Doing
Debbie Harris: Traveling the Road Where Wisdom and Virtue Meet
Cindy Rollins: Small Latin and Less Greek: Classical Education for Every Man
David Hicks: Quo Vadis? An Amplification

Cindy Rollins: "All Virtue Is a Form of Acting": Or, Habits in the Home
Debbie Harris: Linking the Lesson to Virtue
Andrew Kern: Tried Parths to Wisdom and Virtue, Parts 1&2
Debbie Harris: Using the Mind in Service of the Truth
Cindy Rollins: Balancing the Pursuit of truth in the Homeschool
David Hicks: Two Colloquies

Plus two panel discussions.