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The Lawgivers - The Parallel Lives of Numa Pompilius and Lycurgus of Sparta

David Hicks and C. Scot Hicks

Long considered an essential title in classical literature, Plutarch’s Lives have, unfortunately, fallen out of favor among many contemporary readers and educators. Most translations have rendered Plutarch’s original language, which is so energetic in the Greek, quite dryly in English, thus relegating these classic tales to the dusty bookshelves of specialists. However, this new translation by C. Scot Hicks and David V. Hicks (The Emperor’s Handbook) brings Plutarch’s original tales to life, making them accessible for today’s readers and students thanks to their highly readable rendition of Plutarch’s prose. Featuring thorough commentary on the historical context of these two great men, maps, illustrations, and more, The Lawgivers will introduce a new generation of readers to this truly essential and enjoyable writer.

Foreword by Karen Glass
A Note about the Translation 
The Life of Lycurgus of Sparta
The Life of Numa Pompilius  
Comparison of the Lawgivers Lycurgus & Numa

Sarah Ruden
Translator of Virgil's Aeneid
"These particular two biographies cover critical principles of lawgiving; but the bare accounts are difficult even for professional Classicists to deal with, as they involve legends and long-past semi-legendary events linked to real and enduring institutions. Without a clear and flowing translation and concise, helpful, and interesting notes and other supplementary material, these great contributions Plutarch made to humane letters would be far less accessible to younger students and to all those without an extensive knowledge of Greek and Roman history and literature. Luckily, David V. And C. Scot Hicks have supplied the deficit."

Dale Grote
Program Director of the Masters of Liberal Studies at UNC-Charlotte
"It's quite an achievement. Hicks and Hicks have unraveled Plutarch's intricate Greek and produced an accessible, contemporary translation that's accurate, and--just as important--fun to read."