Hallelujah - A Journey Through Advent with Handel's Messiah

Multiple Authors

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softcover, 5" x 8", 128p

Reflections on Advent from Cindy Rollins, Karen Kern, Brian Phillips, Greg Wilbur, David Kern, Lynn Bruce, & Kerry Williamson

Included in this handbook:

• Daily Guide to Listening to Handel’s Messiah

• Daily Scripture Readings

• Poems & Passages to Memorize Each Week

• Christmas Recipes

• Advent Hymns to Sing Together

• And Much More! 


What is Advent? 7
Why Handel’s Messiah? 9
How to Use This Guide 11
What is the Church Calendar?, by Dr. Brian Phillips 13

Week One
Weekly Resources 19
What to Listen for in Week One, by Greg Wilbur 26
Daily Resources 29
How Our Family Celebrates, by Kerry Williamson 37
Week 1 YouTube Playlist

Week Two
Weekly Resources 45
What to Listen for in Week Two, by Greg Wilbur 51 
Daily Resources 53
How Our Family Celebrates, by Karen Kern 59
Week 2 YouTube Playlist

Week Three
Weekly Resources 65
What to Listen for in Week Three, by Greg Wilbur 70 
Daily Resources 73
How Our Family Celebrates, by David Kern 79
Week 3 YouTube Playlist

Week Four
Weekly Resources 85
What to Listen for in Week Four, by Greg Wilbur 90 
Daily Resources 92
How Our Family Celebrates, by Lynn Bruce 99
Week 4 YouTube Playlist

Christmas Fulfilled 105

Christmas Books 109 
Christmas Recipes 112


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