The Lost Tools of Writing Level One Complete Set

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It's time for the 5th Edition, the most dynamic and powerful iteration of our curriculum yet. Why a new edition? Click here to find out. 

5 Benefits to the 5th Edition

  • More exercise and essay examples for teachers and students

  • Clear and concise lesson guides with more teaching tips and specific direction in each lesson

  • Streamlined student worksheets  with more clarity on the lesson idea and guided practice appropriate to each canon

  • New and updated online and streaming video support

  • Simplified and clarified design and formatting

The Lost Tools of Writing™ Level 1 complete set includes the following materials: 

  • A Teacher's Guide full of over 200 pages of Lesson Guides to aid in lesson planning, classroom instruction, and grading 
  • A Student's Workbook with a complete set of worksheets, templates for essay outlines, and tools of essay revision 
  • A subscription to our new online, streaming instructional videos. This replaces the DVDs from past versions, so you will not receive a set of DVDs with the workbooks. 

Please Note: A Student's Workbook must be purchased for each student who will use the program. Per copyright rules, worksheets may not be photocopied. 

Why the persuasive essay? Find out here. 

Orders that include ten or more student workbooks may take 3 weeks to fulfill. Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding this time frame. Thank you! 

  • Price: $147.00