The Lost Tools of Writing Level One - Student Workbook

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5 Benefits to the 5th Edition

  • More exercise and essay examples for teachers and students

  • Clear and concise lesson guides with more teaching tips and specific direction in each lesson

  • Streamlined student worksheets  with more clarity on the lesson idea and guided practice appropriate to each canon

  • New and updated online and streaming video support

  • Simplified and clarified design and formatting

The Student Workbook for Level One contains a complete set of worksheets for every Lesson, a glossary, checklists for student's to revise their essays, and a complete set of arrangement templates for outlining essays. 
Please note that the complete set of the Lost Tools of Writing includes one Student's Workbook. A separate workbook must be purchased for each additional student using the program. Per copyright rules, it is not permissible to photocopy
worksheets for additional students without express written permission.
**Orders that include ten or more student workbooks may take 3 weeks to fulfill. Please contact us with any questions or concerns regarding this time frame. Thank you! 
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