West Coast Apprenticeship Head Mentor


LEAH LUTZ serves as a director, instructor, counselor, and tutor in multiple segments of the classical homeschooling community. She is the founder and president of a multi-grade classical Christian tutorial, Covenant Family Tutorial (CFT), which she established near Santa Cruz, CA. CFT offers high-quality, Christ-centered academic classes for home schooling families in Latin, history, fine arts, logic, humane letters, and writing. Leah also advises many other classical homeschooling programs in the San Francisco Bay Area and has served as a lecturer and teacher for the Classical model nationwide. She is a CiRCE certified Master Teacher, participating in the production of two levels of the Lost Tools of Writing, and is a head mentor in the CiRCE Institute’s Apprenticeship program. She is a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops for both homeschoolers and private classical schools.