Wes Callihan studied History and English Literature at the University of Idaho and has taught for over thirty-five years – at two private schools, a small college which he helped found, the University of Idaho, and his own online classes for the past twenty-five years. His online Great Books lectures have been filmed and produced by Roman Roads Media as a video curriculum for homeschoolers called Old Western Culture. He speaks frequently at Classical education conferences for home educators and private schools, has written essays, short fiction, and poetry for several journals, and has contributed to books on classical Education and home schooling. He runs Hill Abbey, a summer residence reading program in the Early Church Fathers, and he has organized many tours to Greece. Wes and his wife Dani have six married children and sixteen grandchildren. Wes and Dani live on a farm in northern Idaho near his parents and most of the kids and grandkids, where six generations of the family have lived on the same family farm. He enjoys hiking, hunting, camping, barbecuing, listening to the blues, gardening, movies, and travel. But like the Venerable Bede he loves teaching, reading, and writing best of all.