Director, Center for Western Studies

John Mason Hodges is a conductor, lecturer, composer, and writer. He holds degrees in orchestral and opera conducting from University of Maryland and Indiana University, and worked as a professional conductor for 26 years. He lectures on the subjects of aesthetics, classical education, and the arts. His articles have been published in IMAGE: a Journal of the Arts and Religion, the Journal of the Society for Classical Learning, and he held the position of Associate Professor of the Arts and Culture at Crichton College where he taught classes on philosophy, history of music and visual art, and reader’s theater; directed theater productions, and was founding director of the Institute for the Arts and Cultural Apologetics.  He and his wife Day helped found Westminster Academy, Memphis, a classical-Christian school. Presently he is founder and director of the Center for Western Studies, where he runs a tutorial gap-year program, produces the podcast From the Center, and offers online seminars for adults on great books, art, and music.