Jessica Hooten Wilson is an associate professor of literature at John Brown University, where she teaches humanities courses, spiritual autobiography, and creative writing. She speaks around the world on topics as varied as Russian novelists, Catholic thinkers, or Christian ways of reading. Also the author of of three books: Giving the Devil his Due: Flannery O’Connor and The Brothers Karamazov (Wipf & Stock 2016), Walker Percy, Fyodor Dostoevsky, and the Search for Influence (Ohio State UP, 2017), and A Guide to Walker Percy’s Novels (Louisiana State UP, 2018). Currently, she is preparing Flannery O’Connor’s unfinished novel Why Do the Heathen Rage? for publication. She has spoken at venues across the world from high schools and universities to churches and embassies on topics ranging from the nature of suffering to the joy of poetry.