Hank Reynolds (with his wife “Professor Carol”) writes and produces educational curricula in music, arts, history, and culture. The first Professor Carol course, Discovering Music, was released in 2009 and followed by Exploring America’s Artistic Heritage, Imperial Russian Culture, America’s Artistic Legacy, and A History of Early Sacred Music.

In his spare time he practices law, working primarily in the area of copyright and trademark litigation. He has handled controversies involving computer software infringement, infringement of artistic copyrights, false advertising, plagiarism, theft of trade secrets, trademark infringement and dilution. Some of his favorite cases include recovering $700 for a band that was stiffed by a club owner (along with a jury verdict awarding them $40,000 in attorney’s fees), winning a Federal Appellate Court ruling that limits the Justice Department’s ability to enjoin state courts, and helping to prove that the future really does belong to Sprite.

Hank graduated magna cum laude from Tulane Law School and earned his Ph.D. in Music Theory at the University of Kansas. He lives on a small ranch near Bowie, Texas and maintains a second residence in Weimar, Germany.