Tonya Rozelle has been classically homeschooling for the past 15 years and has graduated one of her two sons, with the youngest graduating in 2021. Her understanding of what classical education means has developed through the years and she realizes now the first several years were simply due to blind faith in the Lord. Once she began leading a local homeschool group of high school students six years ago, she was able to recognize tremendous fruit in the lives of classically educated students, including her sons, as they apply the classical skills of learning to various subjects or past times they encounter. She sees these high school students as much better educated than she was after earning a B.A. in Literature numerous years ago.

She especially loves digging into connections between the liberal arts and reading from an ever-growing list of books to be consumed. She will graduate for CiRCE’s Certified Master Teacher Apprenticeship program in 2020 and feels this program has loved every aspect of it. Tonya, her husband Erick, and their two sons live in northern Virginia, less than an hour from world-class museums and mountain retreats. What more could one want?

Contact Tonya Rozelle at [email protected].