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You have the basics in place: your building, your teachers, your board, and your students (and probably even your curriculum). But as your school grows, how will you ensure that you and your staff maintain the focus and prudence necessary to effectively fulfill your vision? How will you guarantee that you will continue to cultivate wisdom and virtue in your students, that you will be truly Christian classical? When difficulties arise, as they are wont to do, how will you handle them?


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The CiRCE Institute's Apprenticeship Program is an in-depth, personal teacher development community in which a Master Teacher mentors a small group of educators in classical rhetoric and classical modes of instruction. It's founded on the idea that to feed students properly teachers must feed themselves. With mentorship and community at its core, it's a program for teachers (from all walks of life) who want to drink deeply from the wisdom of the ages, engage in inspiring conversation with like-minded friends, and push hard towards Truth, Wisdom, and Virtue. 


A one-year program, the CiRCE Atrium program explores the foundations of Christian classical education with online classes and discussions. Participants choose to focus on classical pedagogy with Peter Vande Brake, classical rhetoric with Andrew Kern, or the Greek age with Brian Phillips.

Through exclusive live webinars (two to three each month) and an online discussion forum, the Atrium offers a forum for contemplation and collaboration: a place to linger (and take pleasure) in the depths of the Christian classical tradition alongside like minded fellow educators. We provide the digital platform; you bring the desire for wisdom and virtue. Together we make the community.