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Question: Is classical education a method or is more about materials?
Question: How do I teach Latin to a student whose knowledge is surpassing my own?
N/A - AL
Question: Why is Homer Such a Big Deal
Dave - AL
Question: Were the classical Greeks more human than modern Americans?
Kim - OR
Question: What can I do for an older high school student who hasn't been educated classically to fill in some gaps?
Linda - Chatanooga, TN
Question: I once saw a video of Andrew being interviewed at a homeschool convention where he discusses the five questions (relating to virtue) to ask when reading literature. Could you review them?
Eileen - Des Moines, IA
Question: What advice would you give to a professional working within a modern school to affect change, and also educate himself/herself?
Question: How do I draw in the reluctant student who doesn't want to ask questions, who wants to hide in class, who, although they do well on tests, resists, involvement?
Anonymous - AL
Question: What do you mean when you say "we are what we listen to"?
David - NC
Question: I have too much going on and am overwhelmed. Help!
Alyssa - OH
Question: What should I do if I wasn't educated classically myself but want to provide a classical education for my kids?
Victoria - Cambridge Springs, PA
Question: Dear Andrew, What is a good definition of virtue? And how is it different from just 'doing good'?
Sarah - WA