Course Description:

Considered by many to be the seminal text of the Christian classical education renewal, Norms and Nobility by Dr. David Hicks provides an essential framework for the theory and practice of classical education. In this Atrium course, we will read, contemplate, and discuss the rich intellectual and practical content of Norms and Nobility chapter by chapter over the course of a school year.

Topics include:

  • What is a Christian classical education?
  • What does a Christian classical education offer to students and teachers in a fragmenting modern world?
  • What is the proper role and training of a teacher?
  • What should we read and teach in our homes and classrooms?
  • How should Christians encounter the pagan tradition?
  • What is the Christian classical approach to science and technology?
  • How do we practice Christian classical education in our homes and classrooms?

Along with the profound content of the text, students will also experience a classical education for themselves. Instructor Heidi White will model classical teaching methodology such as Socratic discussion and mimetic instruction in order to provide an immersive experience in classical pedagogy.

Upon completion of the course, students will have gained a deeper, richer understanding and experience of Christian classical education that will provide lifelong guidance in future vocational endeavors and personal development.

Course Details:

1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month, beginning Tuesday, September 7, 2021

8 - 9:30pm EST

Class will be recorded

Homework: reading 1-2 chapters per month (approximately 10-15 pages each)

Instructor Information:

Heidi White, M.A., is a teacher, editor, podcaster, homeschooling mother, and author. She teaches Upper School Humanities at St. Hild School in Colorado Springs. She is the Managing Editor of FORMA Journal and an Atrium instructor at the Circe Institute. She is a weekly podcast contributor on fiction, poetry, and Shakespeare at Close Reads and the Circe Podcast Network. She serves on the Academic Advisory Board for the Classical Learning Test. She writes fiction, poetry, and essays, and she speaks about literature, education, and the Christian imagination. She lives in Black Forest, Colorado with her husband and children.

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