The purpose of this class is nothing less than to seek out and gaze on the immanent glory of Christ the Logos as manifest in the Christian school curriculum. Specifically, we will explore questions, ideas, and practices including

  • What is rhetoric and what is its role?
  • How do the scriptures agree with and challenge the classical approach to rhetoric?
  • What are the necessary elements of the Christian classical curriculum?
  • What are the trivium and the quadrivium and where do they fit?
  • How does Christ clarify curriculum and pedagogy?
  • What happened to Christian classical thought?

The class meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, twice a month with Andrew from 7-8:30pm ET except during Lent when they will meet 8-9:30pm ET. A third colloquy each month will be led by Katerina Kern to discuss the big ideas across all three levels of The Lost Tools of Writing. Each class is recorded.

Participants will read I Corinthians, The Aeneid by Virgil, and The Mind of the Maker by Dorothy Sayers, as well as forum discussions led by Andrew and “capulets” that form a class guide by the teacher.

The basic argument of this class is that we have made education too complicated because we have removed Christ from His rightful place as Logos, from which He blesses our teaching and learning and “enlightens every man who comes into the world” (John 1), and that if we restored Him to His place, education would be more effective, less expensive, and healthier for body, mind, soul, and heart.

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