Ten Thousand Times and Then Begins Understanding

Andrew Pudewa

This Japanese proverb encapsulates a discipline quite foreign to our Western way of thinking. We are happier with "Try, try, again...." or "Third time's a charm." How can we engender in ourselves and our students a love of diligence that transforms the "daily grind" of study and repitition into a... Read More

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Of Bloody Arms and Monsters: The Surprising Harmony in Beowulf

Brian Phillips

Many consider Beowulf difficult to read, difficult to teach, and therefore, hard to enjoy. Others claim it is too simple, too direct, or too pagan (or too Christian!). Yet, despite such detractions, Beowulf will not go away. In this takl, Brian Philips takes another look at Beowulf... Read More

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Harmony in George Herbert's Poetry and Soul

Christine Perrin

This talk will look specifically at George Herbert's poem "The Flower" while speaking broadly about his work and life. It will also look at the literary relationship that a modern poet -Elizabeth Bishop - formed with his work. We will look at her poem "The End of March" which shares much with "The... Read More

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G.K. Chesterton and the Metaphysics of Amazement

Martin Cothran

Most people view children's literature as a form of amusement for the immature. But is there a sense in which even nursey rhymes are an induction into the Mystery of the World--a primordial mystery that even the wisest often miss? What does Edward Lear do that both defies our experience and... Read More

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Self Education: the Habit of Being

Cindy Rollins

This session will reflect on the art of the discipline of the will. Training ourselves for lifelong duty, service, and joy through the deliberate cultivation of the mind, body, and spirit. 

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Google, Latin and Logic: Harmonizing Ancient Disciplines with Modern Work

Ty Rallens

We have all fielded the critique that classical education produces graduates unqualified for any job excpet teaching at classical Christian schools. On the contrary, only a curriculum embracing time-honored disciplines like rhetoric, history, and philosophy, and not endless STEM classes, could... Read More

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How the Celts Saved Orpheus

Angelina Stanford

In classical mythology, we find shadows of the Gospel story, complete with biblical archetypes and Christ figures. But only shadows. After Christ, storytelling is transformed. Learn how the Celts turned the failed redemption story of the Orpheus myth into an optimistic, successful redemption story... Read More

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The Doctrine of the Trinity and Its Effect on Western Thought

John Hodges

Does the doctrine of the Trinity suggest certain ways of seeing the world? What are some of the influential ideas about the world that are the result of generations of belief that God is at once three and one? 

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The Christ centered Curriculum

Andrew Kern

Are these advertising buzz-words or commitments? What do the words mean? How do they play themselves our practically in the stuff we teach our children? Come see how elegantly simple is the truly Christ-centered curriculum.  

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The Harmony of Contemplation

Tracy Lee Simmons

What does reading have to do with thinking and thinking with living? What are the likely harmonic results of deep, contemplative reading on the outlook and personality of a reader? 

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