How the Celts Saved Orpheus

Angelina Stanford

In classical mythology, we find shadows of the Gospel story, complete with biblical archetypes and Christ figures. But only shadows. After Christ, storytelling is transformed. Learn how the Celts turned the failed redemption story of the Orpheus myth into an optimistic, successful redemption story... Read More

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The Doctrine of the Trinity and Its Effect on Western Thought

John Hodges

Does the doctrine of the Trinity suggest certain ways of seeing the world? What are some of the influential ideas about the world that are the result of generations of belief that God is at once three and one? 

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The Christ centered Curriculum

Andrew Kern

Are these advertising buzz-words or commitments? What do the words mean? How do they play themselves our practically in the stuff we teach our children? Come see how elegantly simple is the truly Christ-centered curriculum.  

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The Harmony of Contemplation

Tracy Lee Simmons

What does reading have to do with thinking and thinking with living? What are the likely harmonic results of deep, contemplative reading on the outlook and personality of a reader? 

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Ken Myers, Christine Perrin, Tim McIntosh, and Angelina Stanford Discuss Gerard Manley Hopkin's poem, "God's Grandeur"

Ken Myers, Christine Perrin, Tim Macintosh and Angelina Stanford

In this annual feature, these poetry experts and master teachers will model effective, inspiring, and inisghtful conversations about a great poem.   

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How a Theology of Wisdom Undergirds Classical Education: The Figure of Speaking Wisdom in Proverbs and Beyond.

Jason Barney

"Wisdom cries aloud in the street: in the squares she thunders!" (Prov 1:20). The figure of speaking Wisdom is more than just an intersting literary device: in fact, Jewish and Christian tradition saw in this theology of Wisdom a foundation for what we would call classical educaaion. In this... Read More

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How Careless (But Well - Intentioned) Leaders Can Destroy a School

Tracy Lee Simmons

What happens when a school installs a set of high guiding principles, noble goals, and solid pedagogy but weak leadership compromises the integrity of its practices. 

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Greg Wilbur - Singing the Quadrivium: Music in Relation to Arithmetic, Geometry, and Cosmology

Greg Wilbur

Harmonia (to fit together, to join) refers to objects, ideas, or realities that are in correct relationsip, agreement, or concord as expressed in the Biblical concept of shalom - the rightness of all things. Harmony is displayed in God's creation as manifested by right relationship with Him, with... Read More

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2016 South Central Regional Conference Complete Audio Collection (Downloadable)

Event Topic Nourishing the Soul: The Life, the Task, the Calling When and Where January 15-16, 2016; Austin, Texas Speakers David Hicks, Andrew Pudewa, Andrew Kern, Brian Phillips, Angelina Stanford, Carol Reynolds, Renee Mathis ... Read More

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Quo Vadis? An Amplification

David Hicks

Presented at the 2016 South Central Regional Conference in Austin, Texas. 

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