A Habit Is the Way We Wear Our Days

Karen Kern

From the 2016 Lifelong Conference delivered in September 2016 in Concord, NC.

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Transcending Method: The Art of Classical Teaching

Andrew Kern and Matt Bianco

In a world overwhelmed by new repetitions of old methods, how can a teacher rise above techniques to arts? This seminar discusses the art of teaching in the Christian classical tradition, and shows why it is so much more effective than the dizzying array of conventional methods. 

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Christian Paideia: A Study in Harmony

Peter Vande Brake

It is part of the beauty of Christian classical education that all things are brought together in Christ. This truth is made explicit in an examination of the framework and approach of Christian Paideia, the foundational structure of Christian classical education and thought. This session will... Read More

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Harmonizing the Canterbury Tales: How to Read Chaucer

Angelina Stanford

The Canterbury Tales are ususlly thought of as seperate, independent tales. But, what if Chaucer intended the tales to be chapters of a larger, unified, single story - what John Dryden called a "human comedy"? Learn how The Canterbury Tales are not really about the tales, but... Read More

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Schole Schools and Homeschools: Why a School Without Leisure Is No School At All

Christopher Perrin

Our word school comes from the Greek word "schole" which means leisure, refreshing conversation and activity - or restful learning. Ironically, modern, American education is virtually anything but restful and so in a profound sense many American schools have ceased to be schools at all. In this... Read More

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I learned to Teach in Narnia: Pedagogical Gold from C.S. Lewis

Jenny Rallens

Though Lewis never wrote a book explicitly on education, all his works hold rich pedagogical insights from his principle of "enjoyment" (Lewis's contention that the best way to study or learn something was simply to delight in it) to his comments on "verbicide" (how to teach vocabulary or language... Read More

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The Art of Writing: Harmony in the Curriculum, Not Just Another Subject.

Leah Lutz

Learn how the tools of the Lost Tools of Writing and the art of Rhetoric bring harmony to your curriculum. We will discuss several important tenets of any writing program, and look at different ways these tools, skills, and ideas can be incorporated into your curriculum, weaving rhetoric into your... Read More

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Ten Thousand Times and Then Begins Understanding

Andrew Pudewa

This Japanese proverb encapsulates a discipline quite foreign to our Western way of thinking. We are happier with "Try, try, again...." or "Third time's a charm." How can we engender in ourselves and our students a love of diligence that transforms the "daily grind" of study and repitition into a... Read More

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Of Bloody Arms and Monsters: The Surprising Harmony in Beowulf

Brian Phillips

Many consider Beowulf difficult to read, difficult to teach, and therefore, hard to enjoy. Others claim it is too simple, too direct, or too pagan (or too Christian!). Yet, despite such detractions, Beowulf will not go away. In this takl, Brian Philips takes another look at Beowulf... Read More

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Harmony in George Herbert's Poetry and Soul

Christine Perrin

This talk will look specifically at George Herbert's poem "The Flower" while speaking broadly about his work and life. It will also look at the literary relationship that a modern poet -Elizabeth Bishop - formed with his work. We will look at her poem "The End of March" which shares much with "The... Read More

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