Three Wise Women—The Formative Role of the Mentor

Renee Mathis

Where can we find help in our educational endeavors? What is a mentor and why do we need them? Relationships can be the most undervalued, yet the most important component of our growth as parents and teachers. A mentor offers a special kind of guiding relationship, with the goal of helping you... Read More

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Fatherhood in the Trenches - The Role of Dads in Our Schools and Homeschools

Brian Phillips

It's true that moms carry most of the weight of homeschooling. Often, mom takes the kids to school, works at school functions, and keeps up wtih school news. Yet, fathers are specifically called to bring up their children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, so their role is indispensable... Read More

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Goodly Sights and Glorious Images

Andrew Kern

Dante, Spencer, and the Medieval and Renaissance artists shared a sublime view of the world as a work of art, itself a cosmos in which mankind was a microcosmos. The purpose of the arts was to imitate the "goodly sights and glorious images" of the cosmos and thus to produce deep imitations. This... Read More

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The Shape of Thought - Origin and Function of Form in Poetry

Christine Perrin

How a poem says what it means has always been an essential point of human speech from the epics to the psalms to open verse. In this seminar we will look at examples that show the relationship between how a thought takes shape and what it says. 

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Furniture of the Mind—How Memory Forms the Soul to God

Heidi White

"Remember, remember, remember," Aslan told Jill Pole in The Silver Chair. The Lion's thrice-repeated admonition is a clarion call in a world steeped in sins of forgetfulness. In a culture of immediate access to information, what is the cost to minds bereft of redeemed memory? In this talk, Heidi... Read More

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Beauty—The Marriage of Form & Content

John Hodges

What if beauty is more than just a personal preference? What if there really were an invisible realm that makes itself known through the material world? Would the (even unconsious) recognition of the relation between the visible and the invisible spark the response that we describe as "beauty?"... Read More

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Forming Christian Imagination through the Liturgy of the Hours

Danielle Bennette Dukes

This session will offer an introduction to The Liturgy of the Hours or Divine Office, which encapsulates the Christian imagination: moral, incarnational, and beatific(al) through the form of praying the scriptures, especially the Psalms. 

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Form, Formation, and Freedom—Education and Entering the Totality of the Real

Ken Myers

Today, most public references to "form" (especially among Christians eager to be relevant and attractive) refer to superficial, structural, rhetorical, or ornamental aspects of what really matters: content. "Form" is assumed to be the (disposable) husk conveying a precious kernel. But "form" once... Read More

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Considering the Way Forward—What Does All This Mean?

David Hicks

Having listened to the sessions throughout the conference, and having contemplated their various implications, David Hicks will offer an amplification for the road: What next? What do we do with everything we have heard and learned?

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The Form of Reality and the Aim of Education

Peter Vande Brake

This workshop will look at the importance of the proper perspective of reality which must include the element of faith in order to comprehend the full breadth of what is real. It is with this view that we can work toward the true aim of education which seeks to link what we know to influence what... Read More

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