What I Learned at St. John’s College Graduate Institute, Where There Are No Grades, But Lots of Assessment

Christopher Perrin

How does a student respond when he is carefully assessed but never “marked?”  What is it like to receive a paper back from a professor with copious notes, suggestions, commendations and criticisms—but no grade or number?  What is it like to have your work constantly described with all manner of... Read More

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Am I Famous Yet? Identity, Celebrity, and the Lure of Social Media

Ken Myers

With the modern loss of traditional matrices of identity and norms of character, the quest to be famous has become a virtually universal obsession. As William Deresiewicz has observed, “The great contemporary terror is anonymity.” The connectivity and pseudo-intimacy of social media  invite the... Read More

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A Fair Hearing: Evaluating Musical Meaning

Multiple Authors

A conversation among Carol Reynolds, Ken Myers, and John Hodges aimed at furthering and deepening our musical judgement.  The panelists will consider several settings of a single text in order to clarify what goes into musical composition.  Panelists will discuss settings of "Ubi caritas et amor"... Read More

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A Contemplation of Judgment: Putting Away Childish Things (low quality)

Andrew Kern

The closing talk of the 2013 CiRCE conference.

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How Now Should We Grade: A Panel on Assessment

Five experienecd classical educators answer your questions about assessment, judgment, and the role of the teacher.

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What Judgment Means to the Pursuit of Wisdom

Peter Kreeft

The third-day plenary from the 2013 CiRCE Conference.

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The New, the Cool, and the Sensational: Judgment in the Face of Popular Culture's Pseudo-Transcendenalists

Ken Myers

The making of judgments requires some sort of standard against which to make measurements. While the normal nihilism of contemporary culture is often described as being thoroughly without standards, all judgments assumed to be merely expressions of preference, very few people possess the Promethean... Read More

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The Beauty of the Nightengale’s Song: A Reading of Hans Christian Anderson’s “Nightengale”

Vigen Guroian

What is the nature of beauty. How do we come to discern beauty, judge it to be so, and benefit from its redemptive power? Andersen's "The Nightingale" invites us to contemplate these questions and much more.  

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Judging Beauty: Is Theological Aesthetics Possible?

John Hodges

From the 2013 CiRCE Conference, A Contemplation of Judgment. 

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