Truth in Music: Form, Fashion, Flattery, Forgeries, and Fakes

Hank Reynolds

We frequently think about music in terms of its beauty or sometimes its goodness. But should we also search for truth in music? What would count as musically true or musically false? The answer depends to a large extent on understanding the types of imitation that one finds in music: imitations... Read More

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Arrows of Desire: How the Ability to Imitate Beauty Can Change the World

John Mark Reynolds

The cultivation of a soul capable of seeing and appreciating beauty is an important goal of classical education. First, I will justify this position. Second, I will give some suggestions on how achieve this goal in classical education. Finally, we will dis- cuss the exciting possibilities for... Read More

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Perfectionism: The Hidden Toxic Virtue of Classical Education

Ty and Jenny Rallens

Imitation of excellence is only removed by a few degrees from idolizing perfection: the sin of perfectionism. Classical Christian students (and parents and educators) are particularly prone to placing superhuman expectations on themselves in areas from grades to godliness. When we perfectionists... Read More

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Classroom Practices for Cultivating Virtue

Jenny Rallens

Imitation teaches us more than subjects and skills; our behaviors, dispositions, and affections are also formed primarily by imitation. We can’t just hold up Augustine’s faith, Bach’s counterpoint, or Christ’s life and expect students to imitate them. The student’s disposition toward learning... Read More

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From Copywork to Composition: Learning Writing by Imitation

Andrew Pudewa

Come and contemplate the underestimated value of simple copywork, discover the power of text reconstruction, experi- ence the delight of author imitation, and learn the surprising relationship between text analysis and creativity.

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The Poetic Knowledge Panel

Multiple Authors

A Lively Conversation about WH Auden’s “Shield of Achilles”  In this annual conference feature, John Mark Reynolds, Christine Perrin, and Wes Callihan will model effective, inspiring, and insightful conversation about a great poem.  

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Hell & Education: Dante’s inferno and the Seven Liberal Arts

Dr. Brian Phillips

A brief jaunt through just the earliest cantos of Dante’s Inferno brings hordes of questions and warrants great consider- ation. On this particular jaunt, we will try to notice what Dante teaches us about education, the seven liberal arts, and the formation of souls.

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Christ & Imitation: How Christ Fulfills All

Dr. Brian Phillips

St. Matthew structured his gospel to both retell the whole Old Testament and to show that Christ, in His Person and discourses, fulfills all that God promised. This talk journeys through the Gospel of Matthew, exploring how in Christ “all things hold together,” and ending with particular... Read More

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Borrowing and Stealing: The Paradox of Finding Your Own Ideas and Voice through the Masters

Christine Perrin

This session will present case studies (a fund of particulars) in poetry that show how an artist begins with attention and homage to another artist and moves into a synthesis of his/her own voice with that of the master (a father or mother poet). This process has vast implications in terms of the... Read More

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The Temple: Model of Heaven, Model of the Soul, Model to Imitate

Andrew Kern

From Genesis 1 through Revelation 22 the Bible reveals a God who is seeking a dwelling-place. This discussion essays an overview of the purpose of the various temples in scripture and how they reveal both the Lord of Creation and His Image, who serves as a priest. Andrew will argue that our role as... Read More

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