2015 Paideia Prize Acceptance Speech

Leonie Caldecott

The 2015 Russell Kirk Paideia Prize was presented posthumously to Dr. Stratford Caldecott. This speech, given by Dr. Caldecott's wife, Leonie, reflects on his life and work and provides inspiration for classical educators of all kinds. 

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Wes Callihan, Cindy Rollins, Jenny Rallens, Martin Cothran, and Peter Vande Brake - Answering Your Questions

Multiple Authors

MC’d by Andrew Kern, this panel  answered audience questions.

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Ken Myers, Christine Perrin, Tim McIntosh, and Angelina Stanford Discuss Gerard Manley Hopkin’s poem, “God’s Grandeur”

Multiple Authors

In this annual feature, these poetry experts and master teachers will model effective, inspiring, and insightful conversaitons about a great poem.

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Let Our Ordered Lives Confess: Nurturing Symphonic Souls in a Chaotic Culture

Ken Myers

Moral philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre has argued that our age is one ”after virtue,” characterized by fragmentation that makes it impossible to discern moral coherence. In musical terms, we live in a tonal world of chaotic dissonance. In the late 1960s, composer Arvo Pärt (b. 1935),  became aware... Read More

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The Golden Horn: Norse Saga, Saint Dracula, and the Defense of Christendom in the Middle Ages

Wes Callihan

Some stories from history are just too unutterably fascinating not to tell, and this is one of them. It's the story of the connection between  things you've heard about but never knew were so intimately connected: the Vikings, the Byzantine Empire, The Norman Conquest, the Crusades, Count Dracula,... Read More

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The Harmony of Contemplation

Tracy Lee Simmons

What does reading have to do with thinking and thinking with living? What are the likely harmonic results of deep, contemplative reading on the outlook and personality of a reader?  

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Music Within the Quadrivium: Beauty, Harmony, & Number

John Hodges

Harmony is a word used to describe an attribute of music, but both "harmonia" and "music" are larger concepts than our present culture generally allows.  With a recovery of an older definition, "harmonia" may open the way to a renewed understanding of the world and its Creator.

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A Contemplation of Harmony

Andrew Kern

This session will consider harmony in its polytropic applications. What is harmony and why spend a whole conference contemplating it?

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2015 Pacific NW Regional Conference Audio Collection (Downloadable)

Event Topic Truth, Goodness, and Beauty: The Beginning and End of Classical EducationWhen and Where May, 2015; Seattle, WashingtonSpeakers David Hicks, Gregory Wolfe, Andrew Kern, Sarah Mackenzie, Tim McIntosh, and Dr. Brian Phillips ... Read More

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Answering Your Questions: A Panel with David Hicks, Andrew Kern, Sarah Mackenzie, and Tim McIntosh

Multiple Authors

Presented at our 2015 Pacific Northwest Regional Conference, held at the Bear Creek School in Redmond, Washington; May, 2015. 

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