The Tender Question: Developing Emotional “Presence” in Class

Tim McIntosh

In a healthy classroom, emotions are acknowledged for what they are — signals that something vital is happening. Good teachers invite this vitality through their presence and “the tender question.” This talk explores what that means and what it looks like.  

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Everyday Ceremonies: Using Liturgy in the Home to Harmonize Past, Present, and Future

Cindy Rollins

This session discusses how to harness the power of daily habits, small steps, and long obediences as we endeavor to transmit Christian culture to the children in our homes. Please note: the quality on this recording is, at times, somewhat low due to ambient noise. The price has been adjusted... Read More

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Singing in Harmony: The Six Dimensions of School Life

Andrew Kern

Andrew Kern and Brian Phillips discuss the six dimensions of school life (governance, pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, community, and environment), their significance, and their inescapable connections with one another.  A “harmonious” school holds the six dimensions together, mindful of how one... Read More

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Breaking Free of Your Own Modern Education (and How Others Are Doing It)

Christopher Perrin

We know from Luke 6 that when a student has been fully trained he will become like his teacher.  Those of us who were not classically educated may not fully appreciate the deep ways we have been patterned and cultivated to become like our progressive teachers.  In this seminar we will take a hard... Read More

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“Our Eyes On the Heavenly Fires”: The Place of Beauty in Early Christianity

Wes Callihan

The early Christians didn't talk a lot about beauty directly but assumed a great deal about its power and the role it plays in bringing us to God, a role that turns out be central to efforts in education. Saints Clement, Basil, all the Gregories, Chrysostom, Augustine, and John of Damascus - all... Read More

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The Disharmony of Modern Thought

Martin Cothran

There seems to be something out of kilter with modern thought, but it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what it is. Both modern rationalism and the postmodernism that rebels against it seem somehow unbalanced and incomplete. They seem out of harmony with each other and with reality itself. Let us... Read More

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2015 Paideia Prize Acceptance Speech

Leonie Caldecott

The 2015 Russell Kirk Paideia Prize was presented posthumously to Dr. Stratford Caldecott. This speech, given by Dr. Caldecott's wife, Leonie, reflects on his life and work and provides inspiration for classical educators of all kinds. 

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Wes Callihan, Cindy Rollins, Jenny Rallens, Martin Cothran, and Peter Vande Brake - Answering Your Questions

Multiple Authors

MC’d by Andrew Kern, this panel  answered audience questions.

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Ken Myers, Christine Perrin, Tim McIntosh, and Angelina Stanford Discuss Gerard Manley Hopkin’s poem, “God’s Grandeur”

Multiple Authors

In this annual feature, these poetry experts and master teachers will model effective, inspiring, and insightful conversaitons about a great poem.

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Let Our Ordered Lives Confess: Nurturing Symphonic Souls in a Chaotic Culture

Ken Myers

Moral philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre has argued that our age is one ”after virtue,” characterized by fragmentation that makes it impossible to discern moral coherence. In musical terms, we live in a tonal world of chaotic dissonance. In the late 1960s, composer Arvo Pärt (b. 1935),  became aware... Read More

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