Paideia Prize Acceptance Speech

Dr. Eva Brann

Paideia Acceptance Speech: Odysseus, Patron of the Liberal Arts  

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Imitation: The Natural Mode of Learning

Laura Berquist

Imitation is a natural mode of learning, and the first natural mode of learning. But it requires exposure to the objects to be imitated, and a receptive imagination, for the student needs to have within him an image (memory) of the object to be imitated. Then imitation can be accomplished in... Read More

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Language Arts as Liberal Arts

Laura Berquist

Language Arts involve a habit of making, as do all arts. They are liberal arts, however, which means that the thing made is relized in the maker. The common feature of what is made in the language arts is speech. One makes a statement, one makes an argument and one makes a speech. Now, St. Albert... Read More

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Hand Carved Inspiration - The Goal of Education

QUOTE:  "The goal [of education] is to learn to love that which is worth loving." These small batch, limited edition quotes are the perfect reminder that the ultimate goal of classical education is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue. Ideal for desks, window sills, book shelves... Read More

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The Long Haul: On Morning Time

Cindy Rollins

From the 2012 CiRCE Conference; Louisville, KY. 

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Sustainable Faculty Devlopment: A Conversation on Norms and Nobility

Peter Vande Brake

This session will take a cursory look at the DuFour model of professional learning communities and what can be gained from them and then move on to reflect on David Hick's Teachers' Seminar as it is laid out in chapter 12 of Norms and Nobility. We will discuss ways that schools can create a model... Read More

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Who’s in the Lifeboat? Judging Kid’s Who Aren’t “Advanced”

Dr. Paula Flint

"Allow only the advanced children, those who are easy to teach, to come unto me, for the Kingdom of God is made of such as these." Supposedly this is a quote of Jesus according to Classical Christian Schools 101. How do we judge what is done in our classical schools? More importantly, how will God... Read More

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Eustace Had Read None of the Right Books: CS Lewis on Reading

Linda Dey

What are the "right books"?  What would they have done for Eustace?  This seminar will attempt to answer these questions by looking at what C.S. Lewis has to say about reading and readers.  We'll examine what Lewis means when he says that a good book, like any work of art, is not to be used but... Read More

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What Are We Doing to Our Boys Redux: A Mom’s View (low quality recording)

Cindy Rollins

Exploring the mother /son relationship as it relates to education and the raising of freeborn men with a special emphasis on judging the relationship between mother and son in view of the options available.

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Why We Are Judged By Our Melodies

Dr. Carol Reynolds

Melody is the most distinct feature of Western music.  It is also the most sophisticated.  Melody dominates the musical syntax and mirrors the aesthetics of each historical era.  So where does that leave us today?  How have our melodies changed through time?  How does melody correlate with the... Read More

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