2019 National Conference Audio Disc

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Event Topic A Contemplation of Form  When and Where July, 2019; Louisville, KY - 28 Talks Total -  Plenaries ANDREW KERN: Christ, the Form of Truth: The Word Made Flesh  JOHN HODGES: Beauty: The Marriage of Form and Content  JOSHUA GIBBS: ... Read More

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2019 National Conference Audio Bundle

$47.00 Event Topic A Contemplation of Form  When and Where JULY, 2019; Louisville, KY  Speakers Christine Perrin, David Hicks, Renee Mathis, James Matthew Wilson, and Many More!  - 28 Talks Total -  If you would like a physical copy of the disc mailed to you, please order ... Read More

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Blood and Morality - Boys Adventure Fiction and the Formation of Masculinity

Martin Cothran

What early-twentieth century writer made a bet with a friend that he could write a book more famous than Treasure Island (and won)? Which modern science fiction writer couldn't even drive a car? Who were the greatest influences on J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings? Martin Cothran... Read More

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Learning to Read - How the Gospel of John Teaches Us to Read Iconically

Brian Phillips

C.S. Lewis advises people to read at least one or two old books between any modern one because old books expose where our thinking mirrors our times. And, while we hate to admit it, we are all products of our culture to some extent. It affects our habits, our thinking, and even how we read. In this... Read More

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Friendship - A Flexible Form for Learning and Teaching

Jennifer Dow

Teaching is the intersection between the work of the student and the work of the teacher. What moves a student from ignorance to knowledge. Even more, what moves a student from knowledge to a love of what he has just learned, and what can the teacher to do to help in the endeavor? Join me as we... Read More

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Heavenly Bodies - What Physical Form Teaches the Soul in the Fiction of Graham Greene

Sean Johnson

In The Screwtape Letters, Screwtape remarks that humans are constantly forgetting "that they are animals and that whatever their bodies do affects their souls." One human who rarely took his focus off of what bodies do to souls was Graham Greene. In this talk, Sean Johnson will meditate on... Read More

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Poetic Knowledge Panel—Edmund Spenser's "A Hymn of Heavenly Beauty"

Andrew Kern, David Hicks, Heidi White, and Matthew Bianco

This opening panel discussion will set the tone for the conference, allowing both the audience and the panelists to settle into the transcendent core of the theme, the program, and the poem all at once. 

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Introducing Poetic Forms

James Matthew Wilson

One of the greatest challenges, and most important tasks, of classical education is reintegrating prosody into the grammar of young people. This seminar will introduce you to the theory and practice of poetic meter and provide possible curricula for getting young people to understand, hear, – and... Read More

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Working Backward—A Classical Pedagogy You Can Use

Adam Andrews

In the Classical world, where it is often assumed that the teacher's responsibility is to DO something engaging, or intelligent, or complicated with the Great Books, regular people who work as teachers often feel inadequate. Adam addresses this assumption, suggesting it is the Great Books... Read More

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From the Dust of the Earth - Creativity, Sub-creation, and Education

Greg Wilbur

God formed Adam from the dust of the ground and then gave him the role of sub-creating. Adam's first jobs in naming the animals and subduing the earth are filled with rich implications with regards to our understanding and creativitiy. By inhabiting these roles, how can we approach education as the... Read More

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