For various reasons, teachers may not be ready (or able) to join the apprenticeship. For teachers who want to develop the art of classical instruction from home, CiRCE offers two additional programs.

The Lost Tools of Writing for Adults online class is a six week commitment with a weekly class lead by Apprenticeship graduates. We teach just about each lesson in the curriculum and discuss how you too can teach it and assess it with your students. This course is called a Six Week Intensive because we do with you what we ask you to not do with your students; we teach many lessons in one week. This class is designed to prepare the teacher to teach the lessons. Teachers will come to a fuller knowledge of these tools after using them to write their own essays and after teaching them to their students. No class or intensive replaces this work! We are hear to help guide you.

Our Atrium program explores the foundations of Christian classical education with only online classes and discussions. It is a one year (nine month) commitment. For teachers, administrators, and learners, we offer a variety of options to cultivate wisdom and virtue. Matthew Bianco, our COO, leads an Atrium course on Plato's shorter dialogues. Tonya Rozelle leads an Atrium course reading to understand David Hicks' classical education treatise, Norms and Nobility. Kristen Rudd leads an Atrium course reading Dante's Divine Comedy and Heidi White leads an Atrium course on three Shakespeare plays. We are currently developing additional professional development courses. 

The Lost Tools of Writing for Adults and the Atrium are both excellent preparations for the Apprenticeship.