Virtual Attendance registration is now open!!

For the first time, we are now offering the opportunity to register for a portion of the National Conference in an all-virtual format, produced by Roman Roads Press!

Registrants will be able to listen to 14 sessions over three days, beginning the morning of Thursday, July 22, and concluding around lunchtime on Saturday, July 24. Along with access to these sessions, registrants to the online offering will also receive recordings of these talks at no extra cost.


July 22-24, 2021


Speakers include: Andrew Kern, Christopher Perrin, Jessica Hooten Wilson, Adam Andrews, John Hodges, Wes Callihan, and more! Full list and talk titles at the bottom of the page.

What do I receive as a registrant?

Registrants to the virtual portion of the conference receive access to all the sessions held in Carolina Ballroom, the room where our general sessions take place. This totals:

  • 6 plenary (keynote) sessions

  • 5 breakout sessions

  • The poetic knowledge panel

  • Q&A panel

  • Closing remarks by Andrew Kern

How do I access the live stream?

  • Upon registering you will receive an automated email from the CiRCE Institute containing your access link and password.

We hope that this option enables more people to dig deeply into the purpose, essence, and practice of Christian classical education.

If you have any questions please let us know. You can contact us via:

Speakers and Topics

• Andrew Kern: A Contemplation of Glory: Exordium

• Wes Callihan: The Purest and Loveliest of Mirrors: The Iliad's Foundational Importance in Literature

• Jessica Hooten Wilson: “The Scandal of Holiness: Contemplation and Other Unpopular Practices”

• Christopher Perrin: Glorious Leadership: The Visible and Invisible Leadership that Matters to God


• Andrew Kern: A Contemplation of Glory: Amplification

• Matt Bianco: From Whence Cometh Glory: The Origins of Glory according to Homer and St. Paul

• Josh Gibbs: The Downside of Classical Christian Education’s Rising Popularity

• James Daniels: Particular Glories in the Mundane


• Martin Cothran: The Metaphysics of Amazement: Children's Literature and the Romance of Reality

• Joseph Pearce: The Humble Shall Be Exalted: The Glory of Humility

• John Hodges: TE DEUM LAUDAMUS: Glory Expressed in the Music of Schubert, Brahms, and Bruckner

• Adam Andrews: Glory Is a Verb: Why Good Teachers Must Learn to Boast