2019 National Conference Audio Bundle



Event Topic
A Contemplation of Form 

When and Where
JULY, 2019; Louisville, KY 

Christine Perrin, David Hicks, Renee Mathis, James Matthew Wilson, and Many More! 

- 28 Talks Total - 

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This Bundle Includes

Beauty—The Marriage of Form & Content
John Hodges
Blood and Morality - Boys Adventure Fiction and the Formation of Masculinity
Martin Cothran
Christ, The Form of Truth – The Word Made Flesh
Andrew Kern
Considering the Way Forward—What Does All This Mean?
David Hicks
Fatherhood in the Trenches - The Role of Dads in Our Schools and Homeschools
Brian Phillips
Form and Old Things
Joshua Gibbs
Form, Beauty, and the Dangers of Mediocrity
Joshua Gibbs
Form, Formation, and Freedom—Education and Entering the Totality of the Real
Ken Myers
Forming Christian Imagination through the Liturgy of the Hours
Danielle Bennette Dukes
Friendship - A Flexible Form for Learning and Teaching
Jennifer Dow
From the Dust of the Earth - Creativity, Sub-creation, and Education
Greg Wilbur
Furniture of the Mind—How Memory Forms the Soul to God
Heidi White
Goodly Sights and Glorious Images
Andrew Kern
Heavenly Bodies - What Physical Form Teaches the Soul in the Fiction of Graham Greene
Sean Johnson
Introducing Poetic Forms
James Matthew Wilson
Learning to Read - How the Gospel of John Teaches Us to Read Iconically
Brian Phillips
Literary Formation—12 Great Christian Novels and Why You Should Read Them
Martin Cothran
Piece of (Thunder) Cake – A Solution to the Crucial Dilemma of Teaching
Adam Andrews
Poetic Knowledge Panel—Edmund Spenser's "A Hymn of Heavenly Beauty"
Andrew Kern, David Hicks, Heidi White, and Matthew Bianco
Scientific Reductionism and the Loss of Form.mp3
Ken Myers
Some Theses on Form, Being, and Beauty
James Matthew Wilson
The Form of Reality and the Aim of Education
Peter Vande Brake
The Place of the Lion—How Charles Williams Uses Forms to Expose Our Use of Truth
Greg Wilbur
The Shape of Thought - Origin and Function of Form in Poetry
Christine Perrin
Three Wise Women—The Formative Role of the Mentor
Renee Mathis
Vices and Virtues—Spiritual Formation in the Classical Tradition
Heidi White
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Book
Matthew Bianco
Working Backward—A Classical Pedagogy You Can Use
Adam Andrews