A Contemplation of Reason Download Bundle



Presented at the 2018 National Conference in Charleston, SC.

33 talks. Downloadable.

MP3's also available on disc, if you prefer, HERE.

This Bundle Includes

A Contemplation of Reason
Andrew Kern
Analogies as Ways of Being in School and Beyond
Ty Rallens
Be Wise, Be Average: A Reasonable Plan to Not Raise Your Children to Be Special, Interesting People
Joshua Gibbs
Building Bridges of Understanding: The Seven Laws in the Classroom
Debbie Harris
Building Bridges, Emptying Caves: Analogy and Reality from Plato to Present Day
Marc Hays
Christ and Reason: How the Gospels Protect Us from an Improper Devotion to Reason
Brian Phillips
Contemplating Intellectual and Moral Phronesis with the Educator John Henry Newman
Brian Williams
Contemplating the Atonement in the Medieval English Mystics
Justin Jackson
Discovering and Resting in the Sunbeam
Tim McIntosh
Emotion and Reason: Unexpected Friends?
Tim McIntosh
Irrational Reasons: The Role of Proportion and Correspondence in Great Teaching
Adam Andrews
On the Value of Not Starting Everything Over from Nothing
Sarah Ruden
Playing with Sharped-edged Tools: Charlotte Mason's View of Reason
Karen Glass
Poetry's Reason: How Poetry Thinks
Christine Perrin
Pre-Modern Reason: The Intersectionality of Thought, Faith and Imagination
John Hodges
Raising Poor, But Reasonable, Aristocrats
Joshua Gibbs
Ralph Wood - Paideia Prize Banquet Acceptance Speech
Ralph Wood
Ratio Inter Rivales: A Contemplation from Literature
Adam Andrews
Reason, the Bible, and the Bard: Shakespeare and Scripture in the Classical Tradition
Heidi White
Reasoning with Dostoevsky: The Love of Wisdom and the Wisdom of Love
Justin Jackson
Recovering a Pre-Enlightenment Musical Imagination
Ken Myers
Teaching the Liberal Arts: Putting Reason and Narrative Back Together
Jonathan Councell
The Classics, and Culture Wars vs. Cultural Dialogue
Sarah Ruden
The Crisis of Transcendence—Two Modern Assaults on Reason
Martin Cothran
The Forgotten Sin and Its Power Over Our Reason
Matt Bianco
The Great Surrender: Encountering Literature as Transformative Experience
Angelina Stanford
The Heart of Reason: The Need for Ignorance
Greg Wilbur
The Illusion of Technique: The Difference Between Modern and Traditional Logic and the Difference It Makes
Martin Cothran
The Life was the Light of Men: Reality and Reason in Light of the Logos
Ken Myers
The Reason of Music: The Harmony of Head, Heart, Hand
Greg Wilbur
What Do I Do When My Kids Don't Make Sense? Considering the Logic of the Young Child
Debbie Harris
What Does Athens Have to Do with Jerusalem?
Peter Vande Brake
When Classical Meets Contemporary: What Do We Keep, What Do We Kick Out, and Why?
Christopher Perrin