The Lost Tools of Writing

Welcome to the most dynamic and powerful iteration of our curriculum yet. 


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We are committed to helping students learn the art of writing, and in our own continuing education and practice, we too learn more about this art and the teaching of writing. We know that with each Lost Tools of Writing edition, we have clarified the tools of the Ancients for today’s student. We want this curriculum to be ever clearer and more accessible because we whole-heartedly believe that this curriculum can transform the thinking, reading, writing, and communication of your students. 


The foundational ideas in the Lost Tools of Writing remain unchanged. We're not trying to re-write the book on classical writing. We've just retooled, redesigned, and reinforced the way these ideas are presented. Through simplification the program is more dynamic, through new design it's easier to use, and through years of feedback it's more powerful. 

It's a substantial update and is the culmination of years of hard work. It's not an entirely new direction. But it is a re-focusing on those elements that make classical rhetoric so wonderful. 

We hope and pray that with this new edition, these tools will be clearer and easier for you to communicate and use. We appreciate both the simplicity of these tools and their complexity. When you are teaching students to think and communicate ideas, one reassuring truth is that there are forms, skills, tools, and basic principles to learn and use right away, immediately changing the way your students think and write about their reading.  Another truth of the art of communication is the complexity of these ideas. We hope that with this 5th edition, you will be both encouraged and assured and equally inspired and challenged. Once you are a little ways down this journey of writing, you value the forms and structure while seeing the beauty, the variations, the creativity, and the memorable words of a master.  

5 Benefits to the 5th Edition

  • More exercise and essay examples for teachers and students

  • Clear and concise lesson guides with more teaching tips and specific direction in each lesson

  • Streamlined student worksheets with more clarity on the lesson idea and guided practice appropriate to each canon

  • New and updated online and streaming video support

  • Simplified and clarified design and formatting


Here are some examples of the new design: 


The new complete set includes a Student Workbook, a Teacher Guide, and streaming access to our updated instructional videos. 

We know you have questions - and maybe even a concern or two. We're here to help! Please send your inquiries to us via and we'll get back to you as soon as possible! 

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