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Routines can be a saving grace. Routines can help us slowly accustom ourselves to doing things that feel difficult. Routines can also help us to navigate and survive chaotic and trying times. One of the routines that has been a lifesaver for many homeschooling families for a very long time is the daily practice of "Morning Time." 

Now, many of you find yourselves homeschooling for the first time. Others have been homeschooling for a long time, but find that these strange and chaotic days are demanding routine for you and your family. 

We at CiRCE are hoping to offer an additional help to get you started. Each weekday for the next three weeks, Monday (March 23rd) through Friday (April 10th), we will be offering a Morning Time webinar to help you establish and practice the Morning Time routine in your home.

Join us each weekday at 10am EDT. A CiRCE lead learner will start out the morning with some beautiful music, followed by a prayer we can all learn (or recite) together, then a short story or poem with some discussion questions. Afterward, we'll recite a short Bible passage, and conclude. The webinar's intended audience is you AND your child(ren). So be ready to go though this together, as a family or community.

All you have to do is

1. Sign up for the webinar email list, we will email you each day with the link to access the webinar.

2. Download Zoom and install it on your computer. 

3. Gather with your children or students around the computer and log onto the webinar at 10am EDT, using the link received in the email. 

4. Listen to the short webinar, approximately 30 minutes.

5. Continue on with your homeschooling day.

We hope that will give you a good start to finish out the rest of your homeschooling year with a solid routine, proven in classical and Charlotte Mason education circles, to be a great help to the education of our children.

We hope you will join us! 

Matt Bianco
CiRCE Online Training

P.S. And stay tuned, the week of April 13-17th, we will have one follow-up webinar, aimed at you, the parent and teacher, to talk about what we did on these calls and give you the advice and counsel and answers to your questions needed so that you can continue the Morning Time routine on your own!