This year-long course on persuasive essays is the foundation built by Level I that prepares students for the classical rhetoric addresses that follow in LTW II and III, the judicial and deliberative addresses. In LTW I, students learn the three kinds of tools that help them with the problems that all writers face: what do I write about, how do I organize and choose my thoughts, and how do I express them in meaningful ways. Those tools are the canons of Invention (what do I write about), Arrangement (how do I choose and organize my thoughts), and Elocution (how do I express them in meaningful ways). Students learn the tools that make up those canons, tools like good questions (the common topics), the ANI, introductions, refutations, & conclusions, and paralellism, simile, and metaphor—among many others!

Suggested Age: 12 years old and up

Prerequisites: None

Required Texts:

In class readings:

  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Goldilocks & 3 Bears
  • Tristran & Isolde
  • Robin Hood fights Little John

Registration Numbers: Minimum 5; Maximum 11