See early 20th century in America through the eyes of engaging characters and stories from a variety of geographical settings. Learn to consider and write about the issues they faced. Using the canons of Invention (how to generate ideas), Arrangement (how to order ideas), and Elocution (how to express ideas), students will learn to diligently consider both sides of issues they observe and choose to explore. Students will craft arguments to persuade others of their positions. They will develop a thinking and writing toolkit they can carry with them and utilize any time they have an issue to consider and a cause to persuade.

Suggested Age: 12 years old and up

Prerequisites: Students entering this course should have a working knowledge of basic grammatical concepts including parts of speech, purposes of sentences, sentence patterns, and punctuation. Students should be comfortable reading the literature independently outside of class. Students will be expected to demonstrate respectful online etiquette with the instructor and other students.  They will need to utilize Zoom for class meetings and Canvas to receive/send notifications and obtain/upload assignments. If necessary, parents should be ready to lend support in these areas. 

Required Texts: 

Registration Numbers: Minimum 5; Maximum 12