Writing is a skill that requires coaching and practice. During this course your student will learn how to conquer the three challenges every writer faces: what to write, how to arrange their thoughts, and how to express their thoughts fittingly. Students will learn to overcome these challenges by using three canons of Classical Rhetoric: Invention, Arrangement, and Elocution. Your student will be equipped with tools, or the five common topics of invention, they can utilize to gather information. They will learn to recognize six figures of speech and use them in their essays.

At the end of this course, your student will be able to write a 10 paragraph persuasive essay that will include: thesis, counter thesis, proofs and sub-proofs, exordium, amplification, refutation, narratio, schemes, and tropes.

While Lost Tools of Writing is a writing program, it is also a thinking program. Your student will gain insight in how to think logically and therefore gain life skills in the process. Your student will dive into the world of fairy tales and fables to practice utilizing these tools. 

Suggested Age: While this course is most suitable for ages 13 and above, it can be taken by as early as 12 years old. It is recommended that those taking the Lost Tools Course as 7th and 8th graders take this course twice.

Prerequisites: Students should have a basic knowledge of the eight parts of speech, be able to write a basic paragraph, and be familiar with verb tenses.

Required Texts: 

Registration Numbers: Minimum 3; Maximum 12