The Lost Tools of Writing is an ideal composition curriculum for students in seventh through twelfth grade who already have a relatively solid understanding of grammar and sentence structure and who have at least a rudimentary amount of writing experience - and, most importantly, who are ready to think for themselves.

What better way to begin your student's journey into thinking and decision-making than Lewis' beloved Space Trilogy series. Throughout the course of the year we will work through each novel asking deeper questions of the text and honoring the reasons behind a character's decision utilizing the skills offered through LTW I.

NOTE: It is suggested that students do a quick read over the summer of the novels. This can be accomplished by listening to audio books or just reading through each work. Closer reading will occur through the course.

Suggested Age: 15 years old and up

Prerequisites: Some practice with writing, grammar, reading comprehension

Required Texts:

Registration numbers: Minimum 5; Maximum 10